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Why you Should Choose an iPad rather than Settling for a Laptop

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It has become a lot harder these days to decide whether you want a laptop or a tablet. Most of the Apple tablets are widely popular because they offer a number of exciting features and functions to you, and they are available at a much lower price when compared to laptops and desktop PC’s with the same specifications.

Another significant feature that makes tablets an alluring choice for you is that they are portable and you can carry tablet PCs wherever you want. Carrying a laptop is far more difficult and the battery life of the device might not last as long as you want it to. Besides these, here are a few other reasons, which will explain why you should buy an iPad rather than settling for a laptop.


iPad is a lot more secure than a laptop, as it is less prone to virus attacks when compared to a laptop or PC. Viruses operate by jumping from one application to another, but the architecture of an iPad shields each application by building a firewall around them. In addition to that, the chances for malware to get into your iPad is significantly less, as Apple checks each portion of their software carefully and efficiently.


The processor of iPad Pro is almost equivalent to that of a laptop that uses an i5 processor. This means that the performance offered by this tablet will certainly be a lot better when compared to some basic laptop models you find online. What’s more, tests conducted by many analysts have revealed that both iOS and Android tablets are much faster than Mac OS and Windows, even when their processor is not that advanced.

Child Friendly

It is evident that touchscreen devices are a lot more child friendly than keyboards. However, many users might argue that you could buy a laptop with touchscreen as well. Yet again, the ease of mobility and the ability to enable restrictions in an iPad put tablet devices much ahead in the battle.

The parental restrictions on an iPad allow you to control the music, apps, games, and movies your child is using or watching, and almost all of these controls come with the much familiar R/PG13/PG rating guidelines. In addition to that, you can install as many kid friendly apps as you like in your iPad, as there is a humungous collection of cool apps and games for children on the Apple Store.