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Ten Tips to Make the Most of your Old Tablets

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It is evident that the launch of new and much improved models of tablets attracts almost all users and urges them to buy these products. This will in turn leave your old tablet unused and unchecked. This happens because many users do not know what to do with their old tablets. Below are a few ways, which will definitely help you to make the most of your old tablet.

Old-Fashioned Typewriter

If you were one of the tablet users, who loves the convenience offered by tablets but still misses the classic old-fashioned typewriter, then trying to recreate the experience by turning your old tablet into a typewriter would be the best way to use the old device.


If you have an active home internet Wi-Fi connection, then transform your old device into an extender by simply connecting it to your router. However, if you prefer to use cellular data, then turn the old device into a mobile hotspot.

Kids Tablet

You might not be happy with the performance offered by your old Android device, but your kids will certainly love it. In addition to that, this also eliminates the need to buy expensive kid-friendly tablets for them.

Smart Car

If you are planning to transform your vehicle into a smart car, then you will have to buy a GPS system. However, if you have an old tablet then you could mount the device on your dashboard and use it to as a GPS device.

Digital Art Canvas

Set up your old tablet as a digital canvas and develop your artistic abilities by drawing in it. There are plenty of free painting apps available in the Google Play Store, which will allow you to develop your creativity.

Reference Library

There might be a lot of storage space left on your old tablet and you might be wondering on how to make the most of this. If you are into cooking, then use the storage space on the device and save all your reference books in it.

Backup Drive

Your laptops storage drive will have a lot of your personal files, work data, and family photos, which you might not want to lose. Using your old tablet as a backup drive will clear all your worries and offer more security to your files.

Digital Photo Frame

If you own an old tablet, then you need not have to spend money on buying digital photo frames, which display slide shows of your personal pictures.

Universal Remote Control

Transform your old tablet into a universal remote control and use it to turn off/on your lights, change the TV channels, turn down the thermostat, and do a lot more.

Security Camera

Your old tablet can serve the purpose of a security camera and help you to keep an eye on your family while you are away from home.