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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 First Impressions

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

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The 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona welcomed the emergence of multifarious tablets from major mobile phone brands. The Galaxy Tab S3 holds in store plenty of features that may get tech geeks jumping up and down in sheer enthusiasm. Let us see what makes the Samsung tablet a worthy contender.

Prolonged Entertainment Quotient

Pumped up by quad stereo AKG Harman speakers, the S3 Tab beats all of Samsung Smartphone siblings except for Galaxy S8 in the music department. Having said that, entertainment is not all about listening to music alone as Samsung has teamed up with Amazon for video content sharing.

For enhanced gameplay, the S3 Tab has Vulkan API graphics that enables one to play cross-platform 3D games. The device also features a high-end Super AMOLED Display and supports 4K resolution video playback. However, it is not known yet whether Chromecast is compatible with the S3 Tab.

Other Brownie Points in the S3 Tab

We know the S3 Tab supports HDR video content viewing with clearer pictures in 10bit. Some of the other add-ons in the device may prove to be useful or brownie points depending on the user need.

Samsung S Pen

In the S3 Tab, the S Pen comes bundled in along with the package itself. You can create personalized drawings with this stylus, just as you can trim down pages, open multiple applications, and jot down quick notes. All the intuitive gadgetry comes naturally to habitual users. New users would do well with hand usage for some time before they get accustomed to using the stylus.

Samsung Flow

Initially featured in the TabPro S, Samsung Flow is an intuitive application that enables you to synchronize messages, access paired devices, and transfer files – all wireless. In order to log in, you just need to use your fingerprint and off you go. Considering storing data in a single location can prove to be tricky especially for traveling businessmen, there is some utility to be had here.

These are the first impressions we have gauged on the Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab. An extended usage would reveal more details and in turn further expectations.