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Samsung Galaxy S8 Sets High Expectations

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As the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date gets near, the tech world is abuzz on the feature changes that Samsung might have made to its latest flagship offering. Even a novice could tell, blind-eyed that Samsung tablets would carry a higher price tag than the already existing models. Would the Galaxy S8 have Android Nougat is a billion dollar question on everyone’s mind? Only time would tell, but good thing is that Android smart phones gets seasonal updates.

Much Awaited Change in Contemporary Design

Think of the thinnest screen bezel in the entire history of Samsung and a supposedly absent home-screen button? From the first look, what we can learn is that the latest Samsung tablet do not have fingerprint sensor on the front screen, instead it has been moved to the rear. Well, seems like the patrons of Samsung Galaxy would have to tinker around with the changes if they are for real. The aspect ratio is going to be 18:5:9 making the S8 longer than LG G6.

No More Goof-ups in the Battery of Galaxy

We know about the aberration Samsung experienced when the battery of their S7 devices swelled during the initial launch. No such goof-ups are going to stop the momentum, which the Galaxy S8 has received regardless of what has happened. The 3000 MAH battery is mostly deemed in the smaller-screen version of the Galaxy S8 making the launch much anticipated.

The Front and Rear Shooters

The tech world has it, both Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone has the best combination of Design-Camera from among the multifarious models out there in the market. The Galaxy S6 and S7 had made no blips in conquering the high standards set by Google Pixel. To make the claim even better, patrons hope Samsung would up the anticipations, both in the case of front and rear camera.

The Entry of Bixby Voice Assistant

Never write off doyen from the business is a gospel, which we all should get used to sooner rather than later. The software is one department where Samsung fall behind compared to some of the other aspects of the devices but hang around till S8 shows up with Bixby Voice Assistant and DeX Desktop. We know what a voice assistant does, but DeX seems more like a docking accessory for desktops.