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My Knox Configuration on Refurbished Tablets

Refurbished Tablets

Refurbished Tablet Configuration

The Samsung tablets can be refurbished, now that a cloud-based service has encouraged advanced configuration apart from Android. What’s more, the add-on to My Knox helps the tablet user administer their respective devices remotely. In fact, these configured tablets can be disposed to anyone loving refurbished tablets. Below are some general information and benefits of this application.

A Configured, Refurbished Solution for Gaming Consoles

The Knox Configure is a safe app that is full of synchronized features. Once configured, the tablet could be used remotely from a spot to control the apps, device settings and so on. Gaming is easy provided you share the refurbished tablets with the console that is web-enabled. Only in Kiosks do counters use rebranded devices in designated spots.

Knox Configure Plays Key Role

Now that users can configure Samsung tablets, they tend to receive other device profiles active in the Wi-Fi network. Below are some individual and Kiosk benefits of the Knox Configure.

  • Helps business tablets perform better
  • Activates the Set-Up wizards
  • Embeds the remote applications and network devices
  • Aids in the enterprise billing process
  • Improves the Wi-Fi network efficiency
  • Gives a revamped configuration to improve the Samsung tablet

Mobile Device Management

The Knox Mobile Enrollment synchronizes with other tablets, with the help of the MDM. The refurbished tablets shall be handed over to resellers who buy tablets on wholesale rate. In fact, individual users can also leverage the performance of a tablet having enhanced configuration. Knox Configure saves time and effort in trade, and My Knox app works on other tablet brands too.

A Secured Configuration

Changes an array of device settings and helps techies take full control of the running apps in a tablet. The tablets that are rented, for instance, could secure the features available in a tablet. However, My Knox would be available to refurbished tablets only, and not to the Samsung devices launched this year.

My Knox is a free application that is open to download via Google Play Store. Tablet users are welcome to configure and revamp their tablet by self or through third parties. Before delivering revamped tablets in bulk to customers – business or individual – do a homework regarding how to configure My Knox. A good configuration would not backfire.