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How to Wipe Off your Android Tablet before Selling it

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We all store plenty of our personal images, videos, documents, and other files in our tablet. This means that we will have to wipe off all these important files before we trade or sell the old tablet for buying a new one.

Removing the contents from your old tablet will considerably reduce the chance of your personal data falling into the hands of wrong persons. However, many tablet owners fail or forget to wipe off their data before selling the tablet. It is true that some of them have no clue on how to wipe off the contents in their tablet. If you had doubts too, below are a few things to do before you remove images and other personal files from your tablet.

  • Back up all the data in your tablet including contacts;
  • Make sure to remove your SIM card and other external storage devices such as memory cards from the device;
  • Sign out of from email and all other social media accounts and clear the data from these apps;
  • If you are not planning to use your microSD memory card anymore, then make sure that the external storage memory is clean; and
  • Save the serial number of your tablet on any other device.

When done with the above steps, you can proceed with removing personal files and other contents from your tablet. If you are using an Android tablet, then the most efficient way to wipe your device is by performing a factory reset. However, many Android tablet users recently reported that a factory reset only clears content at the application level. This means that all other data such as chat messages and SMS can be still restored with the help of right data recovery tools.

If performing a factory reset on your Android tablet is not working for you, then proceed to the next step of encrypting your tablet through the Settings menu of your tablet. You will not need any specials tools or apps to do this, but it does require some patience.

Now simply press the Restore option under the Settings menu. This will certainly clear all your data from the tablet. However, if you are still worried about your data from the tablet falling into wrong hands, then seek the help of a tablet repair technician.