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Tips to Adjust the Brightness of your iPad Screen

Many users of iOS 10 complain about the brightness issues in the operating system. The biggest complaint is about the increase in screen brightness after updating the device to iOS 10. The bright colors on the iPad screen can be attractive at first. However, after a few hours of use, you might feel uncomfortable to use the device due to eyestrain.

There are ways to adjust the brightness settings of the iPad. Besides, adjusting the screen brightness can also help you save battery power, which will let you use the iPad for a few more hours, before the need to charge the battery. iPad includes an Auto Brightness setting that will adjust the display brightness in accordance with the ambient light in the surroundings. However, this might not be enough to get the right screen brightness. You can adjust the display brightness from the Settings and the Control Panel. These ways are explained below.

Brightness Adjustment from Settings

  • Open the Settings
  • Inside Settings, scroll down to select Display & Brightness. If you are using an older iPad model, you will need to select Brightness & Wallpaper.
  • You can make the brightness adjustments by moving the slider. Move the slider to the left to decrease screen brightness and to the right to increase it.
  • From the menu, you will also be able to adjust settings like Text Size, Auto Brightness, and Bold Text. You can turn off Auto Brightness to adjust the brightness manually.

Brightness Adjustment from Control Panel

Adjusting the brightness from the control panel of the iPad is the quickest way. However, many iPad users does not know about the quick access control panel that provide access to common settings like display brightness and Bluetooth.

  • Open your iPad’s Control Panel by sliding the finger from the bottom edge of the screen to the top. You will need to ensure that you are starting from the bottom edge of the screen.
  • You will be able to find the brightness control slider on the right side, located just above the quick access buttons to Camera and Timer. This slider works just like the brightness slider in the Settings. Move the slider left to decrease the brightness and to the right to increase it.
  • You can also turn on the Night Shift from the control panel to cut down the quantity of blue light coming out from the display. Turning this feature on can also help decrease the strain to your eyes.