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New Smart Keyboard Shortcuts For iPad

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The greatest thing about the iPad keyboard is that it is so easy to type on it than the iPhone keypad. It is true that a wireless physical keyboard will be good for composing long documents, but it is simple to use the on screen keyboard to type a rather long email message. For those users who like to get the most out of their iPads, here are some keyboard shortcuts that can help you type faster and access some special features fast.

On-Screen Keyboard Shortcuts

  • You can tap the space bar twice in a row at the end of a sentence to put a period. Put a space and turn on the Caps key to let the device know that you are ready for the next sentence.
  • You do not need to put an apostrophe in contractions when you have an automatic spelling corrector. The automatic corrector will put the apostrophe and do the extra work for you.
  • To put something in quotation marks, you just need to tap and hold the comma/exclamation key.
  • If you need special accents, you can have the special accent marks for a language by tapping and holding on the letter key.
  • On the numbers layout, jut tap and hold on the question mark sign to get an inverted question mark. To get an inverted exclamation mark, tap and hold on the exclamation mark symbol.
  • Are you tired of flipping between letters and numbers? Instead of tapping the “.?123” key to reach numbers, you can long hold on a key and slide down to the number that you need. When you release the finger, iPad will insert the number you need and automatically go back to the original layout.
  • You can do the tap and hold trick on the Shift key also to get capital letters easily.
  • You can begin and end quotes easily just by tapping and holding the quote key. You may also tap and hold the single quote key to start and end single quotes.

These are some of the on-screen keyboard shortcuts for iPads. Apple also offers you the option to make your own keyboard shortcuts and customize your device as per your desire.