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Must Have Streaming Apps for iPad Users

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If you are movie lover, then it is certain that you will be using your iPad to stream and watch your favorite TV shows and series. However, many iPad users also prefer to download and store movies in their device. If you are such a person, then you will be able to find that the storage space of your iPad is running out at a faster rate.

So, if you want to preserve the storage memory of your iPad, then we highly recommend you to stream and watch movies and TV shows by using an application. Here are some of best movie apps that every movie lover should download on his/her tablet.

Tubi TV

It is actually a little bit hard to compete when users expect too much from a single streaming app. However, Tubi TV has surpassed all other streaming apps with their abundant collection of free contents, which are not available even in the Netflix streaming service.

Snag Films

It is true that iOS users have always had a very few movie streaming applications when compared to Android users. Snag Films is an excellent app, which is capable of supporting multiple movie platforms and it also has an excellent movie catalog. This exceptional app gives you access to more than 5000 movies.


PopcornTime is actually a multiplatform application, which is available on Android, MAC, Linux, Windows, and iOS platform. This incredible app fetches and plays TV series and movies from Torrent links, which is the major reason why many iPad users prefer to use this app, rather than using other movie streaming applications.


This incredible app is one of the best streaming apps available in the iOS platform and millions of users from all over the globe use it. This app is actually a hub of entertainment and it offers popular TV series, blockbuster and classic movies, as well as trailers of upcoming films. Another added advantage of this app is that it has a download option, which allows you to download video content.


Crackle is actually an online distributor of Hollywood TV series and movies. This app allows you to watch full-length TV series and movies without paying any money. If you are looking for a free streaming service that offers abundant collection of films and popular TV shows, then Crackle is the best choice for you.