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How to use your New iPad like a Pro

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Are you confused about using the new iPad that you got for Thanksgiving? You might have noticed people flying around the iPad interface launching various apps at breakneck speeds and switching between the apps very fast. If you wanted to be such a user, the guided tour of iPad shared below will help you understand more on using the iPad like a Pro.

Tap the Top to Move to Start

This is a tip that has been around since the launch of iPad. If you need to go to the top of a website or the start of a Facebook feed, you just need to tap on the top of the screen where time is displayed. Although this feature is not supported on all the iPad apps, it works well on most of the apps.

Double Click to Switch Apps Fast

Users can double click on the Home button to see a screen that shows the most recently opened apps across the screen. You just need to swipe a finger from left to right or from right to left to move through the open apps and just click on the app that you need to run.

You may also close an app from this window by tapping the app and then swiping towards the top of the screen. If you find some issues with the app, it is better to close the app and re-launch it. Additionally, if you find that your iPad is slow, you can close all the open apps to free up some processing space and make your iPad fast.

Spotlight Search

This is one of the most underused features of iPad. Apple has been adding much cool stuff to the Spotlight Search feature over the years. Not only the feature helps you search for music and apps, but also it can search the internet and apps. For instance, you may make use of Spotlight Search to look for a movie in Netflix and have the results take you directly to the movie in the Netflix app if you are using it.

The best use of this feature is to launch apps. You need not search for where an app is located in your iPad. The Spotlight Search feature can help you find it fast. It is true that you can ask Siri to launch the app, but Spotlight Search is a quieter and quicker option.