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How to Turn on Parental Restrictions in your iPad

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Turn On Parental Restrictions

Setting parental controls is a necessary feature in tablets, especially if you intend to give your iPad to your children. It enables you to selectively lock out specific features of the device that will prevent your kids from accessing them. This includes limiting the websites that can be accessed in the browser, setting up restrictions in downloads, and barring access to specific apps and folders in the device.

iPads have a built-in feature called restrictions that enables you to selectively disable certain features like FaceTime, iMessage, browser features, and downloads. The feature works by allowing the user to set up a four-digit passcode that will enable access to the restriction settings. Note that this passcode is different from the one that is actually used to lock and unlock the device. By setting up this passcode, your iPad can be made friendly and safer for use by your kids.

Below is how to turn on the parental restrictions in your iPad.

  • The first step is to access the Settings in your device. After that, navigate to the menu located on the left side and find the General Tap on the General option to bring up several of the generic settings on the iPad.
  • Find the Restriction Settings by scrolling down the list of settings. This setting will be located just beneath the Auto-Lock Navigate down and open the Restrictions Settings.
  • Tap on the Enable Restrictions option on the screen. This will bring up an option to enter a four-digit pass code. Choose any strong combination of numbers to set up the pass code.

After this is done, you will be presented with various options to set restrictions. This includes many of the default applications on your iPad such as the Safari browser, App Store, iTunes, Camera, and Siri. This can restrict the usage thereby offering a safe user experience to your children. You can simply enable restrictions for each of the apps by simply toggling the slider into its ON position.

Besides, the restrictions feature can also be used to turn off the AirDrop feature, and you can also disable the installation of any new apps on the device. The app ratings can be referred to set an optimum parental control feature on your device. In addition, turn off the in–app purchases, as it will prevent the children from carrying out any accidental purchases.