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How to Mute Words on Twitter for an iPad

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Mute Twitter Words

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and it is used by more than millions of tablet and smartphone users from all around the world. Twitter is one of the best places in the web to get valuable information and news, but Twitter users often run across things that they don’t wish to hear, see, or observe.

If you prefer not to see particular usernames, names, phrases, words, hashtags, or topics on Twitter, then you can mute them. This will prevent these items from popping up on your Twitter feed. Muting terms and hashtags on Twitter is useful in plenty of ways such as to childproof the service, avoid seeing news on particular subjects, and to stay away from spoilers of movies and TV shows.

However, several iPad users who access Twitter on a daily basis still don’t know that they will able to mute terms and words on their personal Twitter account. If you are one among them and if you have no clue on how to mute such things on Twitter, then below are a few simple set of steps that will help you to achieve that on your iPad with ease.

  • Unlock your iPad, locate the Twitter app and then open it.
  • Go to the Primary profile page, choose the Gear icon, and select Settings and Privacy.
  • Choose Content Preferences and then go to the Safety You will now need to tap on the Muted option under this section.
  • Tap on Muted Words and then select the Add option in the corner.
  • Enter a hashtag, phrase, username, or word that you wish to mute from your Twitter feed and select Mute From Anyone and tap on Save to completely mute the word from your feed.

If you wish to mute more words or hashtags, follow the same set of steps, and enter the words that you want to mute at the very last step. These set of steps works on most iPad devices. However, if you are still finding the muted words on your Twitter feed, then update your app to the latest available version, as it might resolve the issue. If that doesn’t solve the issue either, get in touch with an iPad technician for further assistance.