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How to Fix Facebook App Crashing Issues on iPad

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Facebook App Crashing Issues

One of the most used and favorite app in your iPad will certainly be the Facebook app. The app enables users to access the social media platform, Facebook, without any interruptions. In addition to that, it also allows iPad users to interact with their Facebook friends and to stay up to date with their activities.

Some iPad users recently reported that their Facebook app is constantly crashing. If you are experiencing any such issues, below is how to fix Facebook app crashing issues on iPad.

Close the App and Open it Again

In most cases, closing the Facebook app and opening it after a while later solves the issue. Press the Home button of your tablet until you see a full preview of the apps in your device. Locate the Facebook app, and slowly swipe it to close it. Now, go back to the home screen of your tablet and tap on the Facebook icon to launch the app.

Update the App

Several iPad users prefer not to update their applications to save space on the internal storage memory of their tablet, which may gradually lead to crashes and other issues in the app. So, if your Facebook app is not updated to the latest available version, go to the App Store and immediately update the app.

Delete the App and Install it Again

If you are still having issues even after updating the app to the latest version, it is best to delete the Facebook app and install it again. Go to the home screen of your tablet, locate the app, and tap and holt it until you see an X icon. Now, tap on the icon to delete the app. Wait for a couple of minutes and then go to the App Store to reinstall the app.

Restart your iPad

One of the most simplest ways through which you can solve the Facebook app crashing issues on your tablet is to simply restart your iPad. Gently hold and press the Sleep/Wake button of your tablet to turn your device off. Now, wait for a couple of minutes and then hold the Sleep/Wake button once again to turn the tablet back on.

Update iOS Software

If you keep on having Facebook app crashing issues even after performing the above-mentioned steps, then you should check whether your iPad has been updated to the latest available version. If not, updating the iOS might help you solve the issue.