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How to Configure a Refurbished iPad Air or iPad Mini via iTunes

Refurbished IPad

Configure A Refurbished Ipad Air

Once you make a refurbished iPad Air or iPad Mini purchase, you will want to know how to configure the device via iTunes. Configuring the two iPad tablets and restoring data is easy, if you have the latest version of iTunes ready on your Mac or PC alongside the backup data. Both iPad Air and iPad Mini can be set up with music, movies, photos, and more in the below ways.

To configure the iPad Air, open iTunes on your Mac or PC and plug in the iPad device into the system with Apple lightning cable. Once iTunes detects the iPad, check iPad Air or iPad Mini on the left-hand column of iTunes, and there you will see a windowpane from iTunes that says, Welcome to Your New iPad.

In the Welcome to Your New iPad window, you will get to see two options: Set Up As New iPad and Restore From Backup. If you choose Restore From Backup you can proceed to restore the backup taken from your previous iOS device. The backup may consist of previous iOS settings, passwords, apps, messages, and so on.

The backups will be listed by date, and with the Last Known Sync as the default option. Note that iTunes will automatically select Last Known Sync thinking that you will want to set up the device in the same way as your previous iOS device.

The restoration may take several minutes based on the backup data volume. Once the restore process completes, you will see the prompt iOS Device Will Now Restart on the screen. Once the device restarts, the iOS device’s screen will greet you with a Hello.

Though you restored the backup from a previous iOS device, and configured some settings other settings remains to be configured in a refurbished iPad. You must continue to set up a local Wi-Fi network and feed the Wi-Fi password into the device. Moreover, you need to enter the iCloud account with your previous Apple ID and enable Location Services as well for using weather apps, Apple Maps, and other compatible apps on the refurbished iPad Air or iPad Mini.