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Configuring Location Services in iPad Tablets

iPad Tablets

Configuring Location Services

Former CIA professional, Edward Snowden’s revelations regarding mass surveillance have been an eye opener for the public concerning privacy in the digital realm. Because of this, people have started focusing more on the privacy settings in their devices whether it is tablets or smartphones.

Apple is highly respected in the tech world for its strict privacy settings and commitment to protecting the personal data of its users. Location services are one of the most configurable privacy setting incorporated into iPad tablets. It enables the user to control whether the device needs to share the current location and other data with the apps and other programs installed in the device. Apple has included a wide range of privacy settings that are easily manageable by the user. Below are some ways to manage the privacy settings in iPad tablets.

Configuring Location Services

Location services function by using Bluetooth and the location of public Wi-Fi for determining the location of the user. These settings can be controlled for allowing the apps to access the location as well as other crucial details. To configure the location services of an iPad, tap on Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

It is also possible to share the location of a user with family and friends through the Find My Friends option. This feature is preinstalled in devices that are run on iOS 9 or later. Through this option, one can select any of the available devices for sharing the location.

Enabling the location services will allow Apple and its partners to collect all essential data from the iPad such as location, identity, etc. However, this data is highly secured with Apple and is not share among any third party agencies.

App Permissions

App permissions is another key option in the location services of iPad tablets. It allows the user to allow and disallow the permissions provided for each of the installed apps in accessing the location and other important data. With this feature, users can configure which apps must use the location through many options like While Using, Always, and Never.

Moreover, beside each app, an arrow is displayed that changes color to find out which app recently used the location.

System Services

In an iPad, the users can configure a host of system services that uses location services for collecting data. This includes Alerts, iAds, Compass, Find-My-iPad, Share My Location, etc. Moreover, configuring such system services is also an excellent way to enhance the battery backup and performance of the device.