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4 Tweaks to Make the Most of iPad Tablets

IPad Tablets

IPad Tablet Tweaks

Apple iPad has been doing the rounds for years now and there are a few features tucked away in the iOS Settings that are worth tweaking. Four of the tweaks compiled below were introduced to the users of iPad tablets two years ago, yet trying them out will still make your Apple iPad perform better and yield optimal productivity.

Customize Widgets

Even though Apple Siri is good at displaying the applications that users access most of the time, users can pin the most frequently used apps to the iPad Dock so that they become even more accessible. For that, tap and grab hold of an app widget residing on to the home screen of iPad. Then, simply drag the tapped app down to the iPad Dock. The iPad released in 2015 will hold up to six applications on the dock.

Lock Screen Orientation

At times, such as viewing something on iPad tablets when lying in bed, it will be quite useful to tweak the screen orientation of iPad. Swipe the bottom of the screen so that you can launch the Control Center and then tap on the lock symbol (one with an arrow around the symbol). Putting a lock on the screen orientation will prevent the screen of iPad from going into portrait mode from landscape mode while you move the device.

Word Searching in Safari

You can easily search by keying in the beginning of a phrase in Apple Safari when browsing on an iPad tablet. For that, tap on the URL bar atop the browser in Apple Safari and then enter the word. Subsequently, in Safari’s drop-down list, you will be able to see a new header named On The Page. The word you have entered will feature under On The Page category, tap on the entries Safari suggests based on the search or scroll through suggested pages until you get the accurate search results.

Battery Usage Notification

After continuous usage of some time, it will be useful to set the battery percentage remaining on Apple iPad. For that, navigate to Settings > Usage > Battery Percentage and ensure to toggle on the switch so that iOS displays the battery percentage remaining next to the battery icon on the home screen of iPad tablets.