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3 Ways to Convert your iPad into a Work Machine

With its mix of great features and functionality, iPad is the ideal tool for productivity and hence suited for work. With the lines between tablet and laptops becoming dim, many users prefer to opt for high-end tablets like the iPads because of their many advantages.

You can use any of your iPad for work-related purposes due to the flexibility they allow in handling and executing tasks. Besides, the availability of so many apps in the App Store and added accessories make the iPad a worthwhile investment over a laptop.

If you wish to use your iPad for work, there are a whole lot of things that should to be added to the device including hardware accessories and applications. To help you out, below are 3 ways to convert your iPad into a work machine.

Adding the Right Accessories

Keyboards – Adding a keyboard is the most basic requirement if you wish to use your iPad for work. This will help you type faster when using word processor applications like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. What’s more, there are different options available for keyboards that are compatible with iPads, depending on their connectivity such as wired or wireless.

Cases – Cases are yet another important accessory to include when you intend to use your iPad for work. They can offer protection to your iPad, while also helping accommodate a physical keyboard just like a laptop. Keeping the iPad in a case also makes it easier for you to carry it around.

Adapters – Adapters are another important accessory that will help you connect your iPad with a larger display. In this way, you can view the contents of your iPad on a monitor or TV. For instance, by using the Apple Lightning Digital AV adapter, you can easily link it to a display.

Installing Productivity Apps

Another way you can convert your iPad for work is by installing various productivity apps. For this purpose, you can rely on the productivity suite offered by Apple, Microsoft, or Google. It is best to install Microsoft’s Office Suite on your iPad. By installing Microsoft Office 365, you will be provided access to all their apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and Outlook.

You can also use Apple’s suite of apps, which is known for their excellent support across all iOS devices. On the other hand, installing Google’s suite of apps will give you greater features such as easy sharing. Their range of productivity apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides can be used to make any kind of documents, which you can easily share across different devices.

Integrate with Cloud Storage

Since you are using your iPad for work, it is highly necessary that you rely on available cloud storage options. This will make it much easier to access and work wherever you are. iCloud is one such service, which you can use to store your files. It has the added advantage of support and easy sharing across all iOS devices. Other cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox are much more versatile and offer free storage space too, which you can use to store your valuable files.