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Top 3 AR Games for your iPad

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Top 3 AR Games

The latest iOS 11 update has already become immensely popular among both iPad and iPhone users, as it introduced more than a few exceptional features such as a brand-new Files application, drag-and-drop capabilities, and an easily customizable control centre. However, one of the most anticipated features that came with the latest iOS 11 update is none other than the ARKit. Even though, ARKit is one of the highlighting features of the latest update, it has failed to garner the interest of iPad and iPhone users.

The ARKit had easily allowed the developers and designers at Apple to integrate high-end augmented reality experiences into games and applications without much effort. Apple is also confident that ARkit will rapidly become popular among users once they start playing AR games on their Apple devices. Below are some of the best AR games that you can download from the App Store of your device.

The Machines

If you are an iPad user who is after the most polished multiplayer experience, then you must certainly check out “The Machines” game. Transform your iPad into a highly detailed battlefield and lead a team of machines against both online and offline users. “The Machines” is also a visually stunning game with exceptional sound effects but the number of heroes and maps available to gamers are a bit limited currently.

AR Dragon

iPad tablet users who are looking for a fun and time-killing AR gaming experience will instantly fail in love with the “AR Dragon”. In this game, all you need to do is to take care of an augmented reality dragon, which means that you will need to play with it, feed it, and check on him every day or else it will get fed up and flay away. You will be also able to unlock new toys, skins, and food, as the dragon gets older.

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

The latest game of the “Zombie Gunship” series offers an exceptional gaming experience and it is one of the best Zombie games ever. There an AR mode to “Zombie Gunship Revenant AR”, which means that you will have to physically move your iPad to take down the zombies and to survive. This aspect of the game allows users to get as close as possible to the zombies without much effort.