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Is iPad 2 an Evolution or Revolution

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Even the critics of the Apple devices would accept that iPad gave birth to the consumer tablet segment. Keeping that in mind, it is sure that Apple’s iPad 2 has a large hurdle to clear if it has to match the impact of its predecessors. Let us take a bite into the iPad 2 tablet from the Apple tree.

Battery Life

Endurance continues to be the strong hold for the second iPad model from Apple. The device manages to offer a battery life of about ten hours despite the presence of the new dual processor. Test has shown that users were able to use the device for seven hours of online game play making use of Wi-Fi connection. However, users say that the charging time is a bit long, sometimes more than four hours.


The Dual Core processor in the device comes with extra benefits, the most important one being speed. The device is faster than the first iPad and apps run smooth and quick on this model. Internet is also fast with the Dual Core processor clocking, but you should have a good internet connection.

Numerous Apps

App selection is yet another benefit of iPad 2. All credit goes to the advanced App Store of Apple, which also features iPad native apps when compared to the Android Play Store of Google.

Slimmed Up

The device sports a slimmer profile than its predecessors do. You can know the impressive difference when both the devices are compared side by side. Moreover, the reduced weight of the device makes it easy to handle.

Dual Cameras

The presence of front and rear cameras adds extra utility to iPad 2. Now you can capture interesting selfies with the front camera, and its addition will be heartily welcomed by video chat lovers.

Streaming Content

AirPlay allows users to stream media to devices like a television. In addition, the AirPrint feature allows users to print from iPad to a compatible printer. Users can also use the alternative like Print N Share.

Media Editing

Users who are interested in media editing can download iMovie and GarageBand apps to make their own tunes and movies with the iPad 2 devices.