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Fixing Connectivity Errors in iTunes

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Fixing Connectivity Errors

Almost all Apple users might have encountered some weird errors while connecting their iPad or iPhone to a Mac. The errors can appear when the user is updating the iOS or backing up the device to Mac. There are many error codes and each of them has its own meaning. Before understanding these errors and trying the complex troubleshooting steps, you can try the simple steps provided by wholesale iPad dealers shared below, as the steps might help you get rid of the errors.

  • The first thing to do is to download the latest version of iTunes. To check the version of iTunes, go to Help > Check for Updates on a Windows machine or iTunes > Check for Updates on a Mac. Once you know the version of iTunes, you can download and install the latest version if you have not already installed it.
  • The next thing after installing the latest version of iTunes is to check for system software updates on the Mac. This can be done by going to the Mac App Store and then selecting the Updates icon located in the menu bar. Alternatively, you can open the Apple Menu and select Choose Software Update.
  • Unplug all the USB devices, except the keyboard, mouse, and the iPad. Now restart the Mac and soft reset the iOS device by pressing down the Power and Home
  • Hold down the buttons until the display shows the Apple logo. A soft reset can help you fix small errors much easily and you can try it when you encounter issues with the iPad.
  • Quit any virtualization software running on the Mac and try again. If error persists, unplug the iPad and try again.

Communication Errors with the iTunes Update Server

Communication errors can pop up while using iTunes and these errors indicate that iTunes and the update server of Apple are unable to communicate. Together with an error code, the message might also say, “The device isn’t eligible for the requested build” or “There was a problem downloading the software”.

To check if the connection is working you can type GS.APPLE.COM into the web browser and see if you reach a 404 page or a placeholder page on the website of Apple. If you reach the 404 or placeholder page, you can be sure that the connection is okay. Else, you will need to check your internet connection to ensure that it is working properly.