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amazon fire OS

Whenever any gadget is designed, by the gadget developers, the operating system is installed in it to perform the basic functionality of the gadgets. 

The operating system can be different in different gadgets like iOS in Apple gadgets. It all depends on the gadget developers. The amazon has made a fire OS that efficiently runs on the gadgets of amazon like TV, tablets and many more. It has compatibility with the android as well. 

Available versions of fire operating system:

Recently, there are three main available versions of the fire OS, and these are listed below:

  • Fire OS 5 – this version is made in accordance with the android 5.1
  • Fire OS 6 – the fie OS 6 is designed with respect to android 7.1
  • Fire OS 7 – the basis of this version is the android 9

Cheap amazon tablets with the fire operating system:

Recent amazon tablets have the operating system of the fire. If you have a very short budget range to buy the tablet, then do not worry. The amazon fire OS tablets are for you. 

These tablets are really affordable and cheaper than Samsung or Apple tablets. If you have to provide your kid with the gadget, so you think so much about the gadget pricing. Because the kids are careless, create they cannot handle gently with expensive ones.

amazon fire OS

Advancement of amazon gadgets:

The amazon tablet is not so much advanced in technology but provides a good price range. If your purpose of using the tablet is watching videos, making basic assignments and general functions, then it is a good option for you.

In the recent fire OS, technical features are added as well to make it run in the queue of advancement and modernism. You can get to know about the recent updates of the fire operating system form online. 

Compatibility of fire OS with Google:

The tablets that work with fire operating systems are not the android ones. The features and operating system of these tablets are amazon centric, and not the android type. If you want to buy a tablet that can go with your android smartphone, then it is not a suitable option for you. 

There reason amazon tablets that are cheaper than this too. Do not forget to check the features and facilities the gadgets providing before making a purchase. This will help you in accessing the most suitable and appropriate tablet for you that responds greatly to your needs and choices.