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Switching to Android? Here’s Everything You should know

screenshot on Samsung tablet

Do you want to learn how to screenshot on Samsung tablet? Here is a simple tutorial on screenshotting on a tablet. Moreover, you can do lots of things with your android device. Smartphone manufacturers offer lots of facilities and new features. If you want to switch from an iPhone to android, you can easily transfer files after installing a few apps. 

Moving from an Iphone to android can be a daunting task. Make sure to understand everything before switching to a new operating system. Android is an essential operating system. This open-source operating system is available to every manufacturer. These manufacturers can modify their devices as per their needs. If you want to learn how to screenshot on Samsung tablettry pressing power and volume button simultaneously. Here are some essential things to know.

Disable FaceTime and iMessage

iMessage is attached to the phone number of your carrier in an iPhone. You can’t leave it because the servers of Apple may hijack your future messages. It means you will not get these messages on android devices. People often experience this issue when switching from Apple to android.

Open “Settings menu” on your phone, choose the “messages entry” and toggle off an iMessage option. Moreover, you have to disable FaceTime because it uses your number. To turn it off, you have to move back to main settings and choose FaceTime to turn it off.

For extra precaution, you have to disable your number from iOS devices. You must not forget to deregister an iMessage page and enter your phone number. On this number, you will get a 6-digit code in a message. It will completely disable iMessage. 

screenshot on Samsung tablet

Sync Videos and Pictures with Google Photos

If you want to transfer videos and photos from iPhone to new android devices, make sure to use photos app of Google. After installing this app on your android phone, you have to open it and prompt free unlimited backup of a cloud. 

Enable back up and sync option for high-quality backup. Once you grant permission, the backup procedure will start and take almost a few hours. It will help you backup all videos and pictures to the cloud. 

Transfer Songs with Google Music

You can use Google Play Music to transfer songs. To stream songs through Spotify and Apple Music, you can install the Google Play store. It will help you to transfer songs and music. Feel free to sync almost 50,000 tracks to cloud for playback streaming.  

Transfer Calendar

With, you can move a calendar on your computer. Choose calendar option from and enter your email address to send a link to the calendar. Check an email inbox and find invitations to subscribe to a schedule. You can subscribe to calendar link and select “Copy URL” or “Copy Link”. It is an excellent way to transfer your events.