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A Sophisticated Hack – Malware Attacks on Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Malware attacks are common on iOS and Android devices. Powerful malware in Android can steal your communication logs, user location, and steal account credentials and files. It can also infiltrate the play store of Google.

Google Play has several apps that can distribute MobSTSPY malware. These apps include games, such as flappy bird and malicious versions of other games. It is not confirmed if these apps were uploaded with active malicious codes. Typically, Google enforces stringent checks for apps, but updates are possible over time.

Malware are Common in Google Play Store

Over 132 Android apps on the Play Store are infected with malware BankBot. The Android banking BankBot Trojan is increasing headaches for the engineers. You have to protect your  tablet from malware attacks. Google runs security scans regularly to the official play store.

BankBot targets your login credentials for banking applications. Past versions were stealing login details for several apps, including the Google Play Store, Twitter, Instagram, IMO, WeChat, Snapchat, WhatsApp, YouTube, Viber and Facebook. Remember, this malware could lock the device of users in a ransomware-like behavior. They can intercept messages for the capability to bypass verification (two-step) operations.Google Play Store

MobSTSPY Checks

After installation, MobSTSPY checks for the network availability of the device. They collect information about the device before connecting to a control server and command about the deviceAttackers can steal contact lists, files and SMS messages. Moreover, they are interested in WhatsApp data, audio recordings and screenshots.

They directly steal files from compromised devices. MobSTSPY may collect extra credentials for phishing attacks. The fake pop-ups are common by malware from popular websites, such as Google, Facebook, etc. These pop-ups will ask users to log in to their accounts. Once you log in, they tell that this login was unsuccessful and disappear. Through this effort, they try to steal your password and username.

Victims of malware may have large amounts of personal data. They steal data and put the privacy of a person at risk. These attacks are frequent in different regions, such as East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. 

Strong Protection Against Malware

If you want to avoid malware, make sure to use malware and antivirus software. Monitor settings and configure scans for your device. Update your operating system and always use encrypted networks. You must employ trusted browsers and stay updated. It will help you to prevent the latest attacks.

Over two million malware threats become a part of the internet world daily. If you want to prevent them, use trusted malware and antivirus software. Feel free to choose Avast, AVG, Comodo, Kaspersky, Webroot and Norton. Free antivirus software may not provide maximum protection. Invest in high-quality, premium software to avoid these attacks. These tools are necessary to prevent hackers, scammers and other attacks on your Android tablet.