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Reduce Data Usage on an Android Smartphone

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Remember, you will need a stable internet connection after purchasing a new device. In numerous cases, people buy data plans. If you want to avoid unnecessary expense, it is essential to decrease your data usage on an android smartphone. See these tips and tricks:

Limit Use of Data in Android Settings

Set limits for your monthly data usage because this thing is easy to avoid surplus data usage without your permission. Make sure to check settings app to limit your data usage. Go to settings – data usage – billing cycle – data limit & billing cycle. 

It will help you to set a limit to use the maximum amount of data in a month. Remember, your internet will disconnect automatically once your data limit goes over.

Background Data on Apps

A few apps may consume mobile data even in the background. This data allows you to manage apps and update them when multitasking. Remember, these apps can affect your data in the environment. Limit their data use for your safety. Check “Settings – Data Usage” and see statistics of each app. It will help you how much data each app is consuming.

Click on an app and see background and foreground data usage for this app. Foreground usage means data consumed by the app when a user was active. Background data means your app was running even when you were not using it. 

An app can update automatically in the background. If background data is high for a particular app, feel free to click on “restrict background data for an app”. It is essential to ensure that your app is consuming limited data.

smartphones and tablets

Chrome Data Compression

Google chrome is a popular android browser. It comes with numerous built-in features to decrease data significantly. With turned on data compression. The traffic of your browser will pass through Google proxy. Your data will be optimized and compressed before sending to your tablet or phone. Data compression can decrease consumption of data and increase loading speed without essential changes in the content of the web. To use this feature, tap on 3-dot menu and click on settings. Scroll down to see data saver and activate this feature.

By turning this feature on, you can implement a safe browsing system of chrome. It is an excellent way to protect your phone from malware and malicious pages. In your setting panels, you can see the status of data saving.

Wi-Fi to Update Apps

If you want to decrease data consumption, disable updates for apps in play store. Check “play store – menu – settings – auto-update apps”. You have to select auto-update for Wi-Fi connection only. Feel free to choose “don’t update apps”, but it can be dangerous.