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Apple’s Cheap New iPad Is No More Available – 3 best alternatives for this device

refurbished tablets

If you are an Apple user and are tired of its increasing prices, then don’t worry, we can guide you about other cheap and refurbished tablets. And if you are already looking for refurbished tablets, then you are in the right place as we can guide you about the three best alternatives of the iPad. Obviously, due to the increasing prices today of the Apple devices, they are not affordable to the general public, it is now a device only for the upper class. So for those who want to enjoy the same and better features in competition with the Apple iPad, then we recommend you keep reading below for more details.

The all-new Microsoft Surface 2!

Have you heard about the launch of the new surface tablet by Microsoft? If not, then you are missing a lot. Microsoft Surface 2 comes with a lot of exciting features that will make you forget the use of iPad for sure. Microsoft Surface 2 now comes with new accessories, which makes it more attractive. The iPad was the first one of the most accepted tablets in the United States, but now the surface tablet, along with its magnificent accessories, is now taking the numbers day by day. Actually, having the windows in it gives it an edge over the other devices as it can easily be used and is surprisingly being used as a replacement to laptop computers.  So if you are looking for cheap tablets and refurbished tablets, then you can easily go for this device.refurbished tablets

The Samsung Tab 2 & 3!

Samsung being an android carrier and one of the bestselling brands in the tech world, is the greatest competition to Apple, or should we say Apple is the greatest competition to the already mature market of Samsung. The iPad is no longer cheap, and Samsung’s devices were already priced less if we compare them with respect to the Apple devices so in this scenario if you only need a tablet to use and a tablet which can provide you fun and exciting usage, then you must definitely go for the Samsung tab 2. The Samsung Tab has been rumored to be launched in coming near future. So let us hope for the best.

The Huawei Pro tablet!

The third tablet in this list, which is a replacement to any other refurbished tablet, is the Huawei Pro tablet. It is recently launched by Huawei and is giving great competition to Samsung as it is also an android carrier. It is low in price if we compare it with Samsung and has the same features. But as Samsung is an established alpha brand, so Huawei has to lower its prices to attract customers. So if you are low on budget, then you should go for the Huawei Pro tablet as it is the best choice you can make as a replacement to the iPad while also making a new purchase from a reputable company.