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5 Secret Uses of Tablets

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Are you looking for low price tablets? Then you are in the right place. Cheap tablet pcs will allow you access to hidden features you didn’t know about. In this article, you will get to know all about the secret uses of tablets so you can best use your tablet. Moreover, android tablet software is much more versatile and customizable than Apple’s offerings. It offers smart features and useful tools that will make your life more convenient.

  1. Run apps side-by-side

Tablets allow you to run apps side-by-side or one above the other. This feature is more useful when you want to optimize your social networking or shift from single-tasking to multitasking. By tapping the overview button, you can choose which recently used apps you want to see. 

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  1. Display size

If you find it difficult to see what’s on the screen, you can easily zoom in or out on text and objects. Every tablet responds quickly to these adjustments. Furthermore, apps on your tablet screen also change position. For size setting, go to display heading after opening the setting app. Then select the display size link to make on-screen objects smaller or larger.

  1. Screen pinning

If you don’t want others searching through your private information when you lend your tablet to them, then, screen pinning is the best secret use of cheap prices tablet pc. By pinning one app to the screen, no one will be able to access any other parts of your phone without your code. Your tablet will only run that pin app until you enter the lock screen code again.

  1. Notification log

You can easily bring back lost notifications or review all of your recent notifications. This ability is possible on cheap prices tablet pc. Screen-adjusting mode will pop up by holding an empty part of the home screen. After choosing widgets, find settings shortcuts. Then drag the icon to an empty part of the home screen and drop it. A list of notification will automatically pop up.

  1. System UI tuner

In order to enable it, swipe down from the top of the screen to show the quick settings panel. Then, locate the setting gear icon and hold it for a few seconds. A confirmation message will confirm that you have successfully enabled settings UI. After that tap on the menu entry in settings menu. Then, choose status bar to control which icons will show up in the status bar. 

Above all, such secret uses of tablets let you be generous without giving up your privacy. Thanks to the hidden setting menu of low prices tablet pc.