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How to use “Find my iPhone” to locate your phone?

Find my iPhone

Nowadays, iPhones and tablets are available with unique features to track them. For instance, iPhone and Android devices are available with “Find my iPhone” or “Find My Phone” features. Unfortunately, some people can’t use these features. Remember, these features become a necessity to track a lost device. 

Locate Device with Find My iPhone

Use the “Find My iPhone” app to locate a missing iPod, iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch or Mach with a playing sound. Make sure to turn on this feature in your device to find your device. In the list of devices, you can tap on the device to locate.

If your device is challenging to locate, it will appear on a map so you may track its location.

If a device can’t be located, you will see “No location found”. 


Play Sounds on your iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Apple Watch or Mac

In the list of device, click on the device to play a sound.

  • Click play sound
  • If your device is online, the sound will start after a few minutes and its volume increase gradually. It will play for almost two minutes. Your device vibrates, and an alert will also appear on the screen of the device.

Your email ID will get a confirmation email. In an offline device, you may notice pending under “play” sound. This sound will play once your device connects to a cellular or Wi-Fi network. You can ask Siri to find my iPad and play sounds on iPod touch. Find my iPhone

Play Sound on AirPods

The AirPods will help you play the sound in the list of device. Click on play sound. If AirPods are detached, mute it by tapping Right or Left to find these airpods.

Online AirPods will start ringing for almost two minutes. A confirmation message is sent to Apple ID address. Remember, offline AirPods will not react. You may get a notification once they come in a range of iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.

Stop Sounds on a Device

. If you want to turn off these sounds, here are some simple steps:

  • iPod touch, iPad or iPhone requires you to press a volume button or a power button or flip a switch Silent/Ring. In a locked device, you have to unlock it or swipe to dismiss alerts. If a device is unlocked, click OK to find my device alerts.
  • Apple Watch allows you to dismiss this alert by clicking on dismiss or press the side button or digital crown.
  • Mac device permits you to hit OK and fin Mac alert.
  • Put your AirPods in their particular case and close a lid and hit stop in Find My device.

Get Directions

The Maps app allows you to get directions and check the current location of your device. 

  • Check the list of devices, click the device to get directions.
  • Click directions and open maps.

Click the route to check directions from the current location of your tablet.