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How to Defrag your Computer’s Hard Drive?

Computer’s Hard Drive

 So let’s get started with today’s topic. For those of you who are new to this, we would like to give you a brief background of the situation we are going to discuss today and then we will start our topic in detail. Keep in mind we have chosen this topic just because our readers were very conscious about their pc performance, so we thought of talking about the defragging process at length today.

What do we mean by defragging and its need?

For those of you who are new to this phrase, we are defragging means to remove our clear the excess and unwanted data from the computer. Now today we will talk about why do we need to do this and how you can get rid of the data.

You must be clear that defragging your computer doesn’t mean that your computer has a virus or has lost its working capacity or something of the sort, it is a very regular process and very common among people who use PCs on a regular base. So don’t freak out and take it as a normal practice just like you refresh your system with the F5 button. Now we need to defrag the computer every two months just to make sure that the extra memory on it does not affect its performance or gets a virus.

Computer’s Hard Drive

How do we actually defrag a computer hardware!

Here we are talking about getting rid of the extra stuff on the external hardware of the computer 

To defrag your hardware, you must start your computer and get into your control panel from the start menu. After getting into the start menu you have to look for the option that says SYSTEM AND SECURITY. When you open up this tab you will see an icon that says defragment your hardware. When you click this, the system will show you the percentage of data that is unused and a threat to your pc. It usually shows ten percent but if you are doing it after months and for the first time then maybe your pc will show you that it is around fifty percent.

Now you can click the defrag button after accessing all the data and checking whether it is important or not. Once you defrag your system, you will feel like it has been renewed again!