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How Android is Better OS than iOS for Tablets

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Looking for a New Tablet?

Get the cheapest tablet online with an android operating system. If you are looking to buy new tablets and are confused about whether to buy a tablet with android or IOS operating system, then we can help you make the right choice for your purchase. In this article we will discuss some of the reasons why the android operating system is more accepted or better produced in the tablet market. There are many reasons for android acceptance, and we will discuss some of them below for our readers who are looking forward to purchasing the new cheapest tablet online.

Android to iOS Ratio!

You must have seen the market. There are more than a dozen tablet producers having android operating systems in them, but there is only one company that gives IOS operating system in their devices, and that is Apple. Apple produces iPads that are the tablets of Apple and are produced in competition with other tablet companies. But our view and according to reports android devices are more accepted around the world by tablet users. The reason is that Android is more user-friendly than IOS operating systems.

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More features than iOS devices.

There are many features that an android device offers that are not available with the ios system. For instance, you can’t even download a song or an audio file directly from the web on an iPad but you can easily do so on your android tablet. You can say that android is the free highway that doesn’t stop you from anything, but apple, on the other hand, restricts you from many features. This is one of the main reasons that android is more accepted. Children and teenagers are fonder of android devices as they are more accessible and easy to understand and use. iPad or iOS operating system devices need payment methods and many formalities to operate many features on them and buy many apps that are available on android for free.

Transferring Files in Android!

Other than the downloading and accessing stuff, androids are friendlier in terms of transferring data or files to other devices. iPad or iOS devices don’t offer Bluetooth connectivity with other android devices. You cannot transfer anything from or to your apple device, and this is a big drawback. On the other hand, android can transfer huge files may they be audio, video, or of some other sort. This is yet another big feature of android tablets.

If you are looking for the cheapest tablets online then you should buy an android if you are a newbie as it will not make the usage difficult for you, and it won’t restrict you from any sort of use. You can browse anything, watch anything from anywhere, download any app from the play store and transfer anything you want just for free.

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