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How to use Spotify Equalizer Tool on cheap tablets,computers?

cheap tablets computers

If you want a device to use Spotify, use cheap tablets computersSpotify app helps you to give a personal touch to music streams. Unlike other streaming services, Spotify has perfect equalizer support on Android and iOS. The music library of Spotify sounds good. 

Do you want to stream in extreme or high quality? You will not be satisfied with the distribution of lows and highs across the bass and treble spectrum. The equalizer of Spotify offers control of music quality. Android options are limited, but you can use an equalizer for Spotify. 

Use Equalizer on Android

With an Android device, you start off by opening this app and tap on the icon of Library in the lower corner. Click on the “Settings” gear in the top corner of the screen.

After accessing settings app in cheap tablets computersyou have to scroll down to Music Quality option and click on Equalizer. A warning popup will appear, but go ahead and click the “Don’t Show it Again”. You will not need this window again. 

If your phone available with a built-in equalizer, it will pop up and allow you to adjust the quality of sound. Based on the version of OEM and Android, it may vary in terms of style and configurability. If your device doesn’t have an integrated equalizer, you can check the equalizer of Spotify.

Set the equalizer to on and use presets or adjust its bars manually. After making adjustments, you will be able to play songs in Spotify

cheap tablets computers

Equalizer Apps for Android

If you want to use equalizer apps on Android, check Google Play Store and select an appropriate app. See these options. 

10 Band Equalizer

It is a free app to adjust ten different frequencies to create a particular sound. Several equalizers allow you to make adjustments in Android. With this equalizer, you can adjust sound and frequency from 31Hz – 16kHz. A built-in music player will enable you to access Android downloads directory.


Equalizer is famous for its clean interfaceYou can adjust sounds and frequency manually. It has preset auto-detect feature. With this feature, you can detect EQ preset based on different songs. Auto-detect is doing a fantastic job. You can find surround sound, sound amplifier and bass boost.

Bass Boost & Equalizer

You will find it great for Android to boost base and adjust 3D effects for music. It permits manual adjustments to EQ and includes 16 special presets. The app is available with a widget so that you can get quick access to sound control. Feel free to use it with different music players in Android tablets. The free version may have ads.

Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX offers a no-frills, clean interface for immediate access. The three effects include loudness, virtualization and bass boost. You can also add new profiles in this equalizer.