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How to text privately from your android phone?

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If you want to know where can I buy a cheap tablet on the web, then don’t worry you can get all the information from here and the best part is you can get the complete details about the security applications that can help you text and make calls without being recorded in history and very privately. So if you are interested in getting complete details about the top 6 applications that can help you text privately from your phone then read the details and stay tuned till the end for exciting facts!

Block SMS and call application!

The first application in our list today for discussion is the blocked SMS and call application. This is an application that is compatible with the different android devices and is available on the play store. If you want to block some messages and calls from a single or series of numbers, then you can use this application. This application also works as a third party dialer and messaging app, and if you want to text someone privately, then this is the app for you. Instead of looking for where can I buy a cheap tablet, you must look for apps that will help you secure your messages!

Dr. Phone!

For those of you who are thinking where can I buy a cheap tablet online you can get an iPad for cheap if you go look on Amazon and the best part is you can download the Dr. phone application on the Apple devices. The Dr. phone application is an application that supports the IOS system software and is compatible with it. It is responsible for securing and privatizing your stuff on your device. So if you have an iPhone or an iPad, then this is the best device for you.

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Shady contacts!

If you are still not satisfied with the above-mentioned applications, then the shady contacts are the application for you. You will be amazed to know that the shady contact application is the application that can also privatize your contacts. The contacts that will be privatized will have all the texts and calls related to them privatized.

Hide SMS!

The vault applications are one of the applications that can also hide SMS and call logs of the people you want to secure your chit chat with. If you are having an affair and want your wife to not know about it, then you must use this application to privatize and secure your chat box.

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Vault and private message box!

These two are the most commonly used applications and are said to be very user-friendly. You can easily log in them and register yourself with the basic package which will help you privatize your chat boxes with the special people in your life! You can easily download them from the play store for free; however, the vault application has some in-app purchases!

Give us your feedback and stop thinking where can I buy cheap tablets online because you will find them only on Amazon and eBay!