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The best ways to charge your smartphone faster

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Smartphones users always need longer battery life. Moreover, they prefer to use a fast charger to manage their day. In the absence of replaceable batteries, lithium-ion cells (enclosed in your phone) can deteriorate and age. Moreover, the capacity of your battery may decrease with time. This situation can be painful because it is not easy to replace a battery. For this reason, pay attention to the health of your battery to maximize its life.

Partial Charging

There is a myth about the battery to fully discharge it occasionally and recharge to erase the memory of the battery. This theory can’t be wrong for current lithium-ion batteries.This myth may not work for lead-acid cells. You can get the advantage of partial charging for your lithium-ion batteries.

It is essential to appreciate charging of the battery because Li-ion batteries can draw a constant current even near their discharge. They operate at a low voltage. A gradual increase in the voltage with the charging of your battery may level off at almost 70 percent. After this level, the current starts to fall.

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Use Airplane Mode

The network signal can affect your battery. With worse signals, your battery can drain quickly. If you are living in an area with poor signals, your phone may take longer to charge. Remember, signals can eat your devices battery when you charge.

To avoid this situation, you can turn on the “Airplane Mode” of your phone before plugging it into a charger. It will decrease the charging time and increase the life of your battery. You can find an option for airplane mode on the notification bar. Feel free to turn it off once the battery is full. You can turn off your android phone before repowering it. In this way, it will charge at a faster rate.  

Enable Charge Mode

You can specify connection type once you plug it into a USB cable. If you are using an advanced version of android, you may find this feature in the developer options menu. To get these options, move to “Settings – About Phone – Build Number”. Immediately tap on build number at least seven times. After the initial two presses, you can see a countdown on screen for the number of remaining taps. Go to “Settings – Developer Options – Choose USB Configurations”. In the options, you have to select charging.

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Wall Socket

People may use USB ports on their computer for charging. This method is inefficient; therefore, us a wall socket. This charging will offer sufficient power to your device and protect it from potential damages. 

If you want to recharge your phone when traveling, you will need a power bank. Numerous banks provide you with the same output (amperage) as your wall socket. It can charge your phone at a faster rate. Make sure to use a compatible USB cable to manage extra power.