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6 Effective Hacks for Google Play Apps

After designing apps for tablets and smartphones, developers need sufficient downloads. The ASO (App Store Optimization) is becoming essential for app developers and marketers. ASO-related material is available on the internet, but its complexity may be overwhelming.

Remember, ASO follows the logic of SEO (search engine optimization). The Google Play Store and app store have their own particulars. No doubt, Google Play Store has surpassed the App Store of Apple by more than half a million application listings. Google is always a step ahead in this game. 

Here are some effective ASO hacks to improve the ranking of your app in Google Play and increase organic downloads.

1. Visuals and Algorithms Matter

Visuals and algorithms are equally important. Remember, human eyes are sensitive to changes in visuals. Google understands this fact and encourages developers to adopt proactive approaches toward graphics. The icon of the app is the most prominent visual for users. It must be catchy and attractive. 

When designing an icon for an app, you have to make it attractive. It must give a message to users to download me. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of A/B test versions. The job of an icon doesn’t end once this app is installed. It must stand out against different backgrounds. 

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2. Title of App

Google has more restrictions on the title of an app. You will get only 30 characters from Google. Remember, there is a limit for the use of keywords in the title. It is essential to create an attractive title within this limit.

3. Short Description

Google will give you only 80 characters to write a description for your app. You must use the strongest keywords to write a description. Algorithm of play store considers a short description of your app.

4. Long Description

Google considers a description of an app for keyword indexing. Algorithm of Apple may not use keywords from long description to rank apps. Google checks keywords before ranking an app. You will need strong keywords to optimize your apps.

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5. Video and Screenshots

It is difficult to underestimate the importance of screenshots and videos. After the icon of the app, you can persuade users to download it with visual tools. Feel free to display almost four screenshots on the page of the app. They must be optimized for each screen size and device. They must incorporate marketing messages.

6. Ratings and Reviews

Google is focusing on engagement metrics to rank applications. Traditional parameters, including reviews and ratings, remain essential for the algorithm of Google. If you want to increase positive ratings and reviews, make sure to focus on the number of positive reviews. 

Try to limit negative reviews for your apps by offering the best featuresWith a push notification strategy, it will be easy for you to encourage users to leave positive feedback.