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amazon fire OS


Whenever any gadget is designed, by the gadget developers, the operating system is installed in it to perform the basic functionality of the gadgets.  The operating system can be different in different gadgets like iOS in Apple gadgets. It all depends on the gadget developers. The [Read More]
latest Android

How to update android firmware:

Regardless of the device you use, it will be crucial for you to use your device without any restriction. Firmware is an android that powers your smart device. Due to the importance of firmware, Google keeps releasing new versions of Android that provide newer features [Read More]
Best tablets

How drones are a revolution in food industry?

Drones are more than cool flying objects in the sky. Fortunately, you can track the location and function of your drone with your tablet. Their efficiency and ability make them valuable in almost every industry. With the increasing population of the world, it becomes challenging to meet [Read More]
Find my iPhone

How to use “Find my iPhone” to locate your phone?

Nowadays, iPhones and tablets are available with unique features to track them. For instance, iPhone and Android devices are available with “Find my iPhone” or “Find My Phone” features. Unfortunately, some people can’t use these features. Remember, these features become a necessity to track a lost [Read More]
Google play tablets

How to avoid spam filter while sending emails?

Do you want to avoid spams in Google play tablets? You can do this by activating spam filters. Sometimes, a spam filter can create issues for you. Marketing professionals often face this problem while sending promotional emails. In this situation, they need special tactics to avoid spam [Read More]