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How to update android firmware:

latest Android

Regardless of the device you use, it will be crucial for you to use your device without any restriction. Firmware is an android that powers your smart device. Due to the importance of firmware, Google keeps releasing new versions of Android that provide newer features and also fixes the risks a person faces in smart devices due to security laps. 

What is Android firmware?

The set of instructions that are stored on the ROM of any device is generally known as firmware. In general, the firmware can neither be modified not. It can be customized. As a matter of fact, the ordinary user is restricted to access the part of ROM where the firmware is installed. 

In mobile devices, the firmware is different from a run of mill firmware as it is always open to getting modified. Many people face problems in their devices related to battery life and connectivity especially if they are using low cost tablets and smartphones. For such people, it is advised to update the firmware. 

Every smart device user should strive for the up to date firmware in his device. We are going to provide three ways to update the firmware in this article. You are not required to be an expert in order to use any of these methods. Pick the method that suits you and easier for you to implement in your capacity. latest Android


  • Use the official website of the manufacturer for updated firmware:


Every manufacturer provides the updated firmware on its website for all the high-end and low cost tablets and smartphones supported by Android. You will be able to download the latest Android firmware for your device provided, and the manufacturer has launched the firmware for your device. It should be kept in mind that not every manufacturer provides the latest firmware update on its official website. For example, Samsung does not provide the firmware updates for any device whether costly devices or low cost tablets and smartphones. 


  • Download application from Play Store


The firmware updates are known to provide stability to the smart device. Usually, people get updates automatically on their device. The updated firmware is an updated version of the operating system that is needed by an android device for smooth working. 

There are many apps that can be downloaded in the device if you really want to get the firmware latest updates without having to download them manually. Most of the manufacturers have provided apps that can be downloaded for the updated firmware. 


  • Install the updates manually:


Firmware is always ready to install provided the manufacturer has launched the latest update, and the phone is not too old for the update. These updates can be downloaded manually even in low cost tablets and smartphones. 

You can easily find the firmware updates and then install them by going into the settings of the new phone and scrolling through settings to firmware update option.