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Why tablet running times are shorter than advertised?

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Before buying a tablet, you will read its specifications to find out its RAM, battery life, and other features. Every manufacturer claims their product has 6 to 12 hours of battery life to impress customers. You may not get similar battery life in the cheapest android tablet and laptop. You may not be able to run a device for the same time. It is confusing for users because they think that the manufacturer is fooling them.  Below are some reasons for the difference in length of battery time.

Power Consumption and Battery Capacity

Two important factors can help you to determine the battery life on a tablet or laptop. Battery capacity can be identified rather quickly. Remember, every battery stores a specific amount of energy. It is listed as watt-hours (Whr) or milliamp-hours (mAh). The higher-rated number of a battery, shows its capacity to store in the battery.

Remember, the capacity of the battery is essential. If the cheapest android tablet and other devices have similar power, you must prefer a device with a higher Whr or mAh rated battery. These batteries may last longer. Comparison can be easy for batteries. Remember, two configurations can’t draw the same power. The power consumption of a slate or notebook depends on its internal components. If a processor consumes less power, the battery life of this device can last longer. In this situation, a comparison will be easy for batteries. Some tasks in a device may use more power. For example, an intensive application or a bright screen may need more power from batteries. It can decrease the running time of the cheapest android tablet.

With the size of the device, you can understand its power consumption. It may change the processing capabilities of current processors. Powerful applications need more battery. Nowadays, companies are using energy-efficient processors for enough performance.

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Claims of Manufacturer

Do you wonder why the manufacturer claims longer battery life for the cheapest android tablet or other devices? They make claims based on the tests of their batteries. BapCo tests, TabletMark, or MobileMark are used to check the efficiency of devices. They simulate the use of computer via web browsing and application use. 

They simulate the general use of their devices during a test. Unfortunately, people use these devices in different ways. For this reason, test results and real-world application cannot be matched.

Manufacturers use numerous tricks, such as decreasing the brightness of the display or turn on the battery saving features. It helps them to evaluate the maximum running time. For these reasons, they can’t assess the real-world use of these devices for users. 

If you need the cheapest android tablet or laptop to check mail and web, the battery life of your device can match up with the claims of a manufacturer. Remember, everyone uses the device differently. Games and videos need higher power; therefore, you will notice a difference in battery life. For these reasons, companies should consider the real-life use of tablets and laptops instead of using benchmarking apps for testing.