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How to sync iTunes music library on android device?

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Remember, you can use android devices with different apps. It is possible to sync iTunes music library on android devices. To access iTunes, there is no need to have an Apple device. You can listen to your favorite music on Android. Learn how to sync iTunes music library on an android device.

Google Play Music to Transfer iTunes – Android

If you want to transfer iTunes to Android, feel free to use Google Play Music. It offers storage for almost 50,000 songs. Feel free to access these songs from your phone and desktop

To sync these systems, you will need a Music Manager of Google on a computer and download the Google Play Music app for your phone. Open this program, log in with a Google account and choose a location for music that you want to upload from iTunes. Google music manager will start the entire uploading procedure.

Remember, a desktop version will start automatic syncing with the Music app on your smartphone. Open it, click “My Library”, and you can see music on your device. It can upload an extensive collection of music in a few minutes. There is no need to connect your smartphone physically to your PC. Music Manager will do everything for your devices

Double Twist Synchronization: Android and iTunes

A free Windows program and doubleTwist Android app will help you synchronize the iTunes library with your android. You can download this program for your computer from the homepage of doubleTwist. Grab an Android device and download this app from Play Store.

This app is available for free, but it has basic features. A pro version of this app with advanced features is available in $10. Prices may vary in different regions. Launch this app on your PC and sync your smartphone with iTunes through AirSync or USB. A USB method is secure for your android devices. Moreover, this method is faster than a wireless connection.

Before tapping on the Sync Now button, make sure to right-click on the icon of doubleTwist in the system tray of Windows and choose Preferences – Use a library of iTunes to give access to this library to doubleTwist. 

Feel free to select an external memory card to secure your music collection. It is time to tap “Sync Now” your music collection. It will copy everything to a smartphone. If you have a larger collection than the memory of your phone, use a microSD card for extra storage.

After completing synchronization, you can play and access iTunes music with the player of doubleTwist. Feel free to access this music with other music players as per your choice. You can also use iSyncr or other apps to transfer music from iTunes to your android tablet or smartphone.