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How to do Screen Split on Android Tablet and its Benefits?

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What can be better than enjoying multiple apps at the same time on your best cheap 7 inch android tablet? Yes, Android allows Screen Split and use multiple apps at the same time. If you are using some big-screen mobile or a tablet, then this can be a great feature for you. You can reply to your friends while watching your favorite show on Netflix, or you can open some references while typing something on the Word Processor.

When This Feature was Added?

Screen Split feature was introduced by Android in its 7.0 version, and then it became popular among tablet users. For bigger screens, this split-screen feature was handy because it made their Android tablets real multitasking machines. Now they could use more than one app at the same time. This feature was really entertaining for chat and movie lovers because they could stay social while watching movies.

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How to Access Screen Split?

Keeping in view the popularity factor of the screen split feature, most of the manufacturers like LG and Samsung added a new button for instant split-screen in their new models. And that’s the reason you can see this split-screen button on most of best cheap 7 inch android tablet devices. The other manufacturers added the soft button at the bottom of the screen, and some let this feature at users’ choice so they may turn it on if they want.

If you have a tablet or some best cheap 7 inch android tablet device, you can use the physical button at the bottom of the screen, mostly at the right side of the menu button. The symbol of the button is like window button, i.e. a square bisected horizontally. If your table doesn’t have this physical button, you may press and hold the menu button till all the open windows appear on the screen, and then you can select the apps you want to see by splitting the screen.

Drag and Drop to Activate Screen Split

Some of the best cheap 7 inch android tablet devices let you turn on the screen split option by tapping and dragging the opened apps. And this method is the most complicated one, and that’s why it was used only in few models. What so ever, this is a great feature, we must say. Before this feature, Android users were not able to enjoy multitasking feature. Now Android is a real multitasking operating system.

People having small screen devices may not enjoy this feature as much as the best cheap 7 inch android tablet users are enjoying. But we must keep in mind that using screen split feature may consume battery faster than normal mode. So if your phone or tablet battery is low on health, you must keep the charger with you while using this feature because battery will drain out quickly while using screen split feature. If you were not aware of this feature yet, we hope you can enjoy this feature and have better experience while using your Smartphone or Tablet.