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How to Maintain Your Photos Privacy Using Android Tablet?

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Everything that is made by human beings has good points and negative points as well. With the growing trend of tablets, people sell their recent tablet and buy the newest one. To sell, they put their gadget online and label it what it is, like: “9 inch android tablets for sale”. This will help them in selling the gadgets in an easy and timely, so they can move towards the new one.

Tablets have many advantageous points as it can work as an educational tool, communication tool, digital library, gaming station, and much more. Along with all these, people love to take pictures and capture the moments with their loved ones. So they store the pictures on their tablets. The privacy of the pictures is your responsibility. You can maintain its privacy by:

Adding a strong password:

People share hundreds of pictures and selfies on social media each day. These are the pictures that they want to share with other people. But still, there are some pictures that are labeled as private, which they really do not want to share.  

If you put your 9 inch android tablets for sale, do not forget to check for your private photos. The photos should be kept private when the tablet is in use, and after that, delete these while selling. There is an option available to put a lock on your cell phone. Add a strong alphabetical or mix figure password. 

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Never use fingerprint lock:

The fingerprint lock is a trendy feature, but if you have private pictures in your cell phone or a tablet, then do not keep it on the fingerprint access mode. Anyone can unlock your phone by attaching your finger to your tablet while you are asleep. It is not a safe option. 

Before making your gadget available online labeled ‘’9 inch android tablets for sale”, ensure that the history and data have been removed fully. You cannot take your privacy at risk at all. All the data and pictures should be removed and deleted fully.

Add encryption:

Normally the tablets are secured by encryption. But just to be sure of privacy, you need to have a look at it. Go to settings and check the encryption status of the tablet. If it says the tablet is encrypted, then it is fine. If it does not show encryption, then there is a problem

Make it encrypted by going to the settings, click on the security, and switch on the encryption. The process will be done in a few moments. There is a problem that older tablets can respond to this like their working will be slow down to a little. Check encryption then put 9 inch android tablets for sale.

Keep a check on unnecessary apps:

When you have bought a tablet, the very first thing that a person does is downloading the other apps. Some apps are of a good standard and do not cause harm to your tablet’s data. But this is not at all times. Sometimes people install such apps that ask for your data access. If you turn on the access of such apps to your data, then it will become a problematic situation. 

If you have put your 9 inch android tablets for sale or purchased a tablet, then be sure about its privacy status.