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How to Register Fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Android Tablets

Register Fingerprint On Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S is one of the best Android tablets available in the market today. If you configure the lock screen of Galaxy Tab S with password, you can bypass the fingerprint to lock and unlock the device. Android will recognize your fingerprint and will utilize it for verification, provided that you have registered and stored the fingerprint in the device.

To register fingerprint in the Galaxy Tab S, navigate to Apps > Settings and tap on the Device tab. From here, choose the Finger Scanner icon and then choose the Fingerprint Manager. Tap on OK if a Disclaimer pops up in your Galaxy Tab S and then scroll any finger over the fingerprint sensor eight times for the device to pick your fingerprint.

Note that if you use the tip of the finger only, the device may not be able to recognize your fingerprint, so scroll the finger completely over the fingerprint sensor.

When you are done registering your fingerprint on Galaxy Tab S, the device will prompt you to enter backup password or pattern. Enter the desired lock type and then tap on Done. Additionally, you can tap on Register and add other fingerprints on the Galaxy Tab S as well – up to 3 maximum.

To set the fingerprint as the screen lock on Galaxy Tab S3, navigate to Apps > Settings > Device tab from home screen and choose Lock Screen > Screen Lock > Fingerprint.

However, some may prefer the password to lock and unlock the Galaxy Tab S3. Hence, they may want to know how to delete the registered fingerprint from Galaxy Tab S3. For that, navigate to Apps > Settings tap on the Device tab, choose the Finger Scanner icon, and then choose the Fingerprint Manager. Then, tap on the Backup Password icon or scan the registered fingerprint to enter the password, and then tap on Done.

To delete the fingerprint, tap on More Options and choose Deregister. If you have registered multiple fingerprints on Galaxy Tab S3, you will need to deselect them all from Fingerprint Manager. Once you deselect, tap on Done and then tap OK to deregister multiple fingerprints on Galaxy Tab S3.