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How to Pair Bluetooth Speakers with Android Tablets

Android Tablets

Pairing Bluetooth Speakers

Irrespective of how good the inbuilt speakers in your Android device are, listening to music on an external Bluetooth speaker will help you to listen to music even louder. The place to access the Bluetooth settings is the notifications panel in all of the versions of Android. First up, pull down from the top of your Android tablet screen and then tap on the Bluetooth icon to turn on Bluetooth.

Then, tap on the drop-down arrow below the Bluetooth icon to pair the compatible speaker with your Android tablets. You can also go to Settings > Bluetooth for that. Below the Bluetooth settings, you can see the already paired devices alongside a list of available devices that you can pair with your Android device. If you are yet to see Bluetooth speakers in the available devices, see the instructions in your Bluetooth speaker’s user manual.

Once the Bluetooth speaker pops up in available devices, simply tap on Connect to pair your Android device with the Bluetooth speaker. Android may prompt you to enter a PIN number to confirm pairing – look in the speaker’s user manual again to know the PIN. Once you confirm the PIN, a confirmation message will pop on your Android tablet.

If you want to rename the Bluetooth speaker in your tablet, tap on the gear icon to the right of the paired device. You can also tap on the gear icon if you want to change the accessibility of your Bluetooth device and to tweak permissions. For instance, you can use Bluetooth speakers to play music only and make the ringtones inaccessible by navigating to Settings > Bluetooth.

If the Bluetooth connection drops and the music stops playing in the Bluetooth speaker, forget the established connection by tapping on the gear icon to the right of the paired device. Then, try to pair again through Settings > Bluetooth. The same can be done to end the connection once you are done playing music over the paired Bluetooth speaker on the Android device via Bluetooth.

Remember, Bluetooth can be used for file transfers and other purposes as well. Hence, available devices in settings may refer to the compatible Bluetooth devices that you can pair to play music on Android tablets in this context.